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OCTOBER 9, 2021


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Jaime Paul Lamb is the author of MYTH, MAGICK & MASONRY: Occult Perspectives in Freemasonry (The Laudable Pursuit, 2018) and APPROACHING THE MIDDLE CHAMBER: The Seven Liberal Arts in Freemasonry and the Western Esoteric Tradition (The Laudable Pursuit, 2020.

He is a member of Old Well-Saint John’s Lodge no. 6, F.&A.M., Norwalk, CT; a Charter member of Ascension Lodge no. 89, F.&A.M., Phoenix, AZ; a frater of the Arizona College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis; and is Past Master of Arizona Research Lodge no. 1 for the year 2016.

Lamb has been writing and lecturing on Masonic and occult subjects since 2014. His work has been published in Knight Templar magazine, Royal Arch Mason magazine, Esoteric Mason magazine, S.C.R.L.’s Fraternal Review, the Journal of the Masonic Society, and many other online and print publications.

Lamb has been a featured guest on Masonic and esoteric podcasts such as Whence Came You?,Masonic Roundtable, Occult of Personality, Thoth-Hermes and is a co-founder of the Tria Prima podcast. 


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